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Thomas Bakarereua

Pre-seminarian, Student

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Pre-seminarianStudent
  • Previous job title:AblebodySPMS


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Tekamauna T.

ICT Worker, Climate Change

Tarawa Kiribati | Kiribati

  • Current job title:ICT WorkerClimate Change

Simple, Humble young man, and besides, I love chattinqqq

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Benji Tokataake

Senior Development Planner, Ministry of Communications, Transport & Tourism Deve

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Senior Development PlannerMinistry of Communications, Transport & Tourism Development
  • Previous job title:Ag. Senior Transport EconomistMinistry of Communications, Transport & Tourism Development

I enjoy my job within the public service/administration. Kiribati relies on foreign aid for much of its socio-economic development so project management is an important and integral part of government administration/management. I dropped out of high school at Form 7 due to youth pressure and h...

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Eddie Karoua

Human Resource Manager, Kiribati Provident Fund

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Human Resource ManagerKiribati Provident Fund
  • Previous job title:Head of DepartmentKGV/EBS

I dare to challenge counter productive organisational culture with total faith in God The Almighty.

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Tanginako Ruataake

Contract Teacher, Education

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Contact TeacherEducation

I am Mr.Tanginako Ruataake, aged 62. I am a retired teacher. I have served my government on Primary Sector teaching young children with age range from 6 - 12 years , and junior secondary age ranges from 13 -15 years for over 30 years.

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Raurenti Teang


Betio | Kiribati


Personal background. Christian mostly spent lot of my time with catholic mission in terms of fund raising and spiritual life. hopefully this year is a wonderful year for my family and myself.

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Kakiata Tonana

Deckhand ,Engineering, japan tuna company

Tarawa,kiribati | Kiribati

  • Current job title:TeacherFTC
  • Previous job title:Deckhand ,EngineeringJapan tuna company

I am a teacher in japanese language.In the year 2004 I joined a marine school in japan for the class five in navigation.I came back Kiribati and sat a mechanical engineering course in KIT in Kiribati.In 2007 I was selected to be one of a japanese teacher in FTC for young boys who want to work on ...

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Tuipao Wiiri

Trainer, Ministry of fisheries and marine resource development

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:TrainerMinistry of fisheries and marine resource development


Hi all I am Tuipao Wiiri I am from the island of nonouti NOw I am working attach at fisheries and I would like to meet u all for visiting my profile thank u all all the best

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Tiwai Tarua

engineer, RKS Teanoai

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:EngineerRKS Teanoai
  • Previous job title:PolicemanSenior Constable

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Mareweata Baroka

Observer, MET Service

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:ObserverMET Service


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Ruateki Tekaiara

Rorongan Mataawa, Private Sector

Te Kooretaa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Rorongan MataawaPrivate Sector

Taakenmarawa Bureimea

Examiner, Kiribati Oil co Ltd

Betio | Kiribati

  • Current job title:ExaminerKiribati Oil co Ltd

Married, 4 kids and lived with family. I'm a Christian in RC.

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Bwama Mikaere

Sgt, Police

Kiribati | Kiribati

  • Current job title:SgtPolice


My name already shown and work in a Police Techs Department. Used to travel within the Gilbert island to install/ repair hf radio. I am 42yrs of age, married and got 1 8yrs old son.

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Tokitebwa Tawita

Utility Manager / Procurement Officer, Kiribati Solar Energy Company Limited

Betio | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Utility Manager / Procurement OfficerKiribati Solar Energy Company Limited
  • Previous job title:Account ClerkKing George V & Ellaine Bernacchi Secondary School


I am a man of 3 kids, unmarried but settle with my kids mother at the same residence. I enjoy life and really love my family especially my kids to be grown up and to be useful to this world.

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Barco Paul

Chat master, University of the North Pole


  • Current job title:Chat masterUniversity of the North Pole

mah nAme iS .........from .......... i am .......years old and i live at ............

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James Ruatu.Bweua

Student, University Of The South Pacific

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Western Union TellerJMRVD company


My name is James, my father's name is Ruatu. I am a male of 22 years of age and come from the Island of Marakei but brought up at the Island of Abaiang. I was in KGV & EBS where I attended my form four to seven there from the year 2006 to 2009. At this moment, I still live with my adoptive mother...

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Joe Kaureata

Tarawa | Kiribati

Boore Moua

Caritas youth leader, Catholic agency for peace and justice

Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:Caritas youth leaderCatholic agency for peace and justice


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Mimi Temakei


Tarawa | Kiribati

  • Current job title:LAOMELAD

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Agnes Ioane

teaching, training

Lonton | Kiribati

  • Current job title:ChristmasTelecenter
  • Previous job title:TeachingTraining

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